Responding to demand for lower processing costs and shorter lead times, as well as your need to process diverse work pieces and to reduce environmental impact. As your partner in manufacturing excellence, Nachi-Fujikoshi supports you in an ever-evolving environment, where you need to win the process challenges of increased efficiency, increased precision, and increased functionality.

New Product


      REVOlutionaize for the Manufacturing

    • Carbide Drills of NACHI which continues to evolve from the first generation AQUA, the second one AQUA EX and AquaREVO
    • AquaREVO drills that gathered NACHI's technologies by change 3main point of product.

    • 1) New Material

    • Development of carbide base material compatible with hardness and toughness
    • Improving wear resistance and chipping resistance

    • 2) New Shape

    • Adoption of straight cutting edge. Break up cutting stress
    • Improve strength against corner chipping

    • 3) New Coating

    • Newly developed REVO-D coat suitable for drilling
    • High oxidation resistance and wear resistance ensured
    • Realizes low friction and smooth chip evacuation by super smooth surface treatment
  • AQUA Drills EX Power Feed

    Realize high accuracy and longer tool life in ultra-high-speed drilling in machining center or turning machine where chip jamming is easy to occur.

    • Even the traditional 3 times higher feed can also be stable processing by adopting good geometry of cutting edge and flutes for reducing thrust cutting force, chip breaking and evacuation.
    • Improved chip breaking performance and realized outstanding chip evacuation in work rotation turning machine as well.
    • Even if it is stunning ultra-high-speed feed, but also can achieve long processing life, high-precision machining.

      - AQUA Drills EX Power Feed 2D Ø2.0Ø10.0
      - AQUA Drills EX Power Feed 4D Ø2.0Ø10.0
  • Hyper Z Spiral Tap / Hyper Z Point Tap

    New style of innovative taps crystallized of the best NACHI technology

    • Using the NACHI owned material development technology, heat treatment, grinding technology.
    • According the mechanical processing principle and wear analysis of the gear cutting tool and broach processing technology, using the best shape design, small fluctuations in life to achieve stable processing.
    • Played a superior and efficient performance in the field of low-medium speed, 2x3x life than non-coated taps. Its long processing life also surpasses the coating taps.

      - Hyper Z Spiral Tap M3M12
      - Hyper Z Point Tap M3M12
  • AQUA Drill EX 3 Flutes Hard

    • Added a new model designed for high-hardness materials to the high-accuracy, high-efficiency 3-flute series supporting reamerless machining
    • Enables stable high-feed drilling by adopting a cutting-edge design that delivers both excellent cutting performance and strength, and by increasing the stiffness of the body through a small helix angle
    • AQUA EX coating enhances resistance to heat and wear for a longer tool life
  • AQUA Drill EX VF

    • Indexable drill featuring integrated inserts for excellent drilling accuracy
    • V-shaped mounting facilitates attachment and achieves high accuracy and stiffness
    • Supports a wide range of sizes from Ø14 to Ø32, and 1.5D to 8D
    • Uses flat inserts for greater application
  • GSX MILL VL Roughing

    • End mill featuring unequal spacing of teeth and variable leads to control chattering vibration
    • Added a pre-finish model to the GSX MILL VL series
    • Optimizes cutting-edge design and nick shape for enhanced chipping resistance and high-efficiency machining
  • AQUA Drill EX Oil-Hole (Small Diameter)

    • Oil-hole drill capable of high-efficiency drilling of small-diameter holes
    • Features an optimized cutting edge and flute shape to enable stable drilling of small-diameter holes
    • Applicable to a wide range of work materials, including carbon steels, alloy steels, and stainless steels
    • Series of drills for small-diameter guide hole drilling also made available at the same time